Our Goal

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Our Non-financial objectives are
  • To provide a warm, comfortable, safe and loving home for all our children, with ongoing interaction from the Department of Social Welfare and other organizations involved in the individual children’s needs.
  • We aim to make HIC a community project by involving the residents of Newcastle and embracing whatever skills they have to offer, even if it is just a bit of their time.

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Financial Goals
  • To build 7 Cluster homes to accommodate 84 children.
  • To build a youth dorm to accommodate 24 children
  • Employ staff: e.g. housemothers, groundskeeper, and driver. In addition we aim to provide adequate training, counseling, and support to our care giving staff to ensure job satisfaction and to build morale.
  • We also aim to provide educational stimulation for children of non-school going age by building an early learning Centre, and to ensure that all the children of school going age attend school.

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Services we aim to offer our children yearly
  • Education
  • Food
  • Medical care
  • Primary home care
  • Transport
  • Sport/leisure
  • Counseling/care giving
  • Reunification program
  • HIV program
  • Early intervention Centre for non-schoolgoing children

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Each child has the right to an education and each child needs to attend a school that is best suited for their needs and disabilities. School uniforms and school fees vary from school to school and therefore this will also be taken into consideration.


Nutrition is very important for growing children; some of the children placed in our Centre will come in with malnutrition and some with medical illnesses where special food and supplements may be necessary. Overall the children will receive all their meals (breakfast, lunch, supper lunchboxes, and snacks) according to their age and supplement needs. All meals will take place in a home style mess hall.

Medical Care

Basic health care needs to be provided for common colds and illnesses. Some of the children placed with us will however have special medical needs due to HIV, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, deafness, blindness, epilepsy or generic illnesses like diabetes. These children will benefit from O.T, Speech, and specialized/chronic medicine. These are expensive medical needs, but will give the child the right to a full quality of life. Ideally a support team of doctors/nurses especially a GP to do HIV testing and other necessary tests will be of great value to our home.

Primary Home Care

Our primary home care goal is to house 12 children in a house with a loving dedicated housemother to care for them, to provide the housemother with adequate training in all aspects to benefit the children. To monitor each home to ensure that all their needs are met and that they are cared for. To ensure that where possible siblings remain together. To target volunteers to support and relieve the housemothers. Our main objective is to give the children a family environment where they can grow up sharing chores and memories, go to school, and even visit friends and relatives on weekends.


Children not only need to be transported to school and back, but also to hospital, friends, and even recreation facilities like shopping Centre’s and the movies. Vehicles are of great need to the Centre as we are located 20 km out of town. The vehicles also need a registered driver with a license to transport children and let’s not forget the expense of petrol/diesel, and repairs.

Sport / Leisure

Sport is a great release for children. Children from abused/abandoned homes have an even greater need for a release from their anger and frustrations due to feelings of neglect. A recreation Centre is more a need than a “must have” for the successful integration of a happy well rounded childhood for these children. In addition to having a recreation Centre (gym, computers, games) they will also require sports equipment and clothes for school sport and funding for out of town sports tours.

Counseling / Care Giving

1 in 4 children are abused in South Africa. Our children are more at risk of coming from an abused family and counseling and special care is needed. Abandonment and neglect are also forms of abuse and these are real emotions that these children have to work through. We have to break the cycle by giving the right care and counseling to each child. A worlds view is that an abused child will become and abuser someday.Let’s break these mindsets with positive results through adequate counseling and care giving.

Family Reunification Program

Our goal is to appoint a community worker to locate living relatives of the children placed with us. Every child at some stage longs to find their roots, who they are and who they belong to. This will be a difficult task as many families live in informal settlements, or the child was abandoned at a very young age. Once a child’s relative e.g. grand parentis located then a reunification process will begin. This will be done with the child’s best interest at heart and with the input from a team of members involved in the child’s life and with knowledge of the child’s history. The team would possible consist of the housemother, teacher, therapist, counselor, HIC manager, committee, and social welfare.

HIV Program

The reality is that many children are infected with HIV and we need to ensure the proper care of infected children and also proper guidelines for non-infectedchildren. We also need to promote awareness on prevention and care of HIV/Aids and to support the care of the infected individuals.

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Services that will benefit the Children in our local community Ingogo
  • Family strengthening programs that enables vulnerable and poor families to sustain themselves and in so doing keep the families together.
  • Feeding programs for school going children.
  • Early learning Centre.
  • Skills training such as building, welding, and agriculture
  • A computer media Centre to train the community in becoming more computer literate.