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Wendy house donation

HIC received a donation of a Wendy house and we were able to set up our Classroom, “fantasy room”

We blessed the Children Local Community

HIC family blessed the children from the local community with party packs for Christmas

Registered as a Child & Youth Care Centre

The Hope in Christ mission was registered on the 27th November 2014 as a Child & Youth care centre with a registration capacity to be a home to 50 vulnerable children.

Isibani Community Centre

Thank you to Isibani community centre for the donation of a 100lt geyser

Looking like a Home

Thanks to all the rain in December the farm is looking like a home and not a construction site. After endless days of rain we now have beautiful grass growing.

We have also started setting up the bedrooms for the kids we will be receiving. Exciting times

Very Wet & Windy Month

December had been a very wet and windy month, we had trees uprooted and our Wendy house roof ripped off. Thanks to the Newcastle community coming to our rescue we are able to walk outside without getting stuck in the mud.

Thanks to all our donors from December

  • Thank you Ferrum high for a donation of R1000.00 & curtain rails
  • Thank you to Evlyn Bell Cross for a donation of R5000.00
  • Thank you to Insulated structures for a donation of a Bain Marie valued at R30 000.00
  • Thank you to Newcor trading for a donation of paving slabs
  • Thank you to Ockie for a donation of fabricated slabs
  • Thank you to Gwyneth for the donation of three single beds and 1 mattress
Being Connected out on a Farm

Being connected out on a farm can sometimes be difficult given that cables get stolen and Telkom can only provide dial up. Thanks to Maxwell satellite technologies we have an un interrupted internet service without the hassle of thefts and cable problems.

Thanks to all our donors from November

  • Thank you Maxwell satellite technologies for our great satellite service
  • Thank you to Bag Filtration for the donation of filter housing and cartridge
Our Donors from October

Thanks to all our donors from October

  • Thank you to Redcap foundation for an R3000.00 gift voucher for cutlery & crockery
  • Thanks to Rob Hoatson of Normandien farms for the donation of 36 x 3.6m brandering for our ceiling
  • Thank you Carol for donation toys & R200.00
  • Thank you to Jacques for a tumble dryer
  • Thank you to Kim Hoatson for a donation of 1 set curtains, 1 Blind, Bicycles & toys
Occupancy on the Plot

On the 1st of September the Pienaar family took occupancy on the plot, this will enable them to manage the Childrens home on site.

Thanks to all our donors from September

  • Thank you to Struan Harris for the payment of our electrical account for House 1
  • Thanks to Sholoza Engineering Projects for their donation of R25 000.00
  • Thank you to Proton prepack for a donation of flashlights, trunking, fluorescent lights
Work Paint Party

Hope in Christ had a wonderful work paint party and we were truly blessed with great fun and lots to eat thanks to the Bridge church ladies & Ruth for the food and beverages. A huge percentage of our volunteers were youth from Ferrum High school and St Dominic’s, what a privilege it is to see our youth getting involved in the things of God.

Thanks to all our donors from August

  • A special thanks to the St Dominic’s scholars, Ferrum high scholars, Why not group, Bridge church members & family & friends that made themselves available for our Paint work party.
  • Thank you Bridge church for the donation of Paint.
  • Thank you to Allan Bach for a donation of R10 000.00 + Paint
  • Thank you Meadowland Estate for a donation of 2 Tables & 12 chairs
  • Thank you to Mica hardware for the donation of Paint
  • Thank you to Nicky Wu for the donation of R3000.00
  • Thank you Round table for a donation of a Borehole pump & 2 booster pumps valued at R10 607.71
  • Thank you to Sean Malherbe for the payment of the glass & installation of glass for the dining hall
  • Thank you to all the ladies that contributed food and beverages for our work paint party
  • Thank you Carol for donation lights, camp cot, satellite dish, heater
  • Thank you Claudette from Fideco Homes for a donation of window, roof sheets, 110m pipes, toilet seats, plumbing accessories, toilets, builders mesh, etc