Bottom V

House 2 & 3 Floor slabs

By the end of December we had successfully completed the Floor slabs for house 2 & house 3 we have also started to excavate the boundaries for electrical fencing and have placed the posts in the ground already.

Thanks to all our donors from October to December

Thanks to Afrisam for the donation of 31 cube of ready mix cement, used for the floor slabs of house 2 and house 3.

Thanks to Sholoza Engineering projects for a donation of R100, 000.00.

Thanks to Saiba industries for a donation of 5 cement bags.

Thanks to Newcatsle Round table 86 for a donation of 70 cement bags.

Thank you Arcellor Mittal for a donation of R42,242.80 .

Thanks to Data Tegra for a donation of R10, 000.00.

Thanks to Bridge church for the donation of electric fencing + funds for installation.

Thanks you Father for answered prayer and for placing people in our path that not only bless us with materials and funds but also encourage and support us.

Houses 2 & 3 foundations

The foundations for House 2 & House 3 was poured this month by Afrisam

Thanks to all our donors from September

Thanks to Afrisam for the donation of 25 cube of ready mix cement, used for the foundations of house 2 and house 3.

Plans Approved

All the documents required to get our plans approved has been submitted to town planning and a notice was placed in the local paper for 30 days. HIC also dug the trenches for the foundation for house 2 & house 3.

Thanks to all our donors for the month of August

Thanks to Charlie plant hire for the donation of 1 day TLB hire.

Thanks to Fednissan for sponsoring the costing for TLB hire of an additional 2 days.

Thanks to Japie & Rishi Nanan from Newcastle Architectural Technologists C.C for the donation of the Design, drawing fees & disbursements fees.

Baie dankie aan Ferrum Hoer skool vir hulle donasie van R2000.00 wat op Mandela dag by die onderwysers en kinders ingesamel was. Baie dankie aan NG drakens vallei vir hulle donasie van R1000.00

Thanks to Newcor Trading for a donation of 1000 solid maxi blocks.

Thanks to Jenny and Angus Brown for their donation of window frames, bath, basin, toilet & more

Thanks to Mr Beukes for his donation of a glass sliding door, printer, clothes & odds and ends

Dining hall & house 1 block work

Hope in Christ mission conveys their deepest condolences to the family of Len Bollman that passed away on the 30th July2012. Hope in Christ completed the block work for the Dining hall and house 1 at the end of July 2012.

Thanks to Evlyn for the donation of a gas heater + gas bottle.
Thanks to Liz Botha for her donation of lovely chandelier light fixtures.
Thanks to Hannes Liebenberg for two French doors.
Thanks to the Methodist church for a donation of basins with pedestals, stove and dishwasher.
Thanks to Newcor Trading for a donation of 1500 blocks.
Thanks Proton for another donation of channelling and fixtures.

Create Employment

It is the heart of The Hope in Christ mission to create employment for the local people of Ingogo as this is a very poor community. We have so far started by employing 9 people to do the block work for the building project.

Thank you to Evlyn Bell-cross for her donation of R4000.00
Thank you to James Morgan for his donation of R5000.00.
Thank you to Len Bollman for a donation of a generated water pump.
Thanks to Patrick from Stay easy Hotel for 3 bags of linen.
Thank you to Audrey for a donation of children’s clothes & toys.
Thank you to Blocon for a much needed donation of 8 tons of building sand.
Thank you to the Newcastle Winterfest for a donation of R2000.00.
Thank you Calvern (Surebuild construction) for the temporary use of scaffolding.

Phase 2 Started

On the weekend of the 27th April2012-30th April2012 we started Phase 2 of the building project, this weekend we successfully laid the foundations and floor slabs for house 1 and the Dining hall with the assistance of an amazing group of people from Why Not Africa and the family of the Hope in Christ mission.

Thanks to ALS earthmoving company for their continues donation of a TLB, without your assistance we would not have successfully completed our work party weekend.
Thanks to Sholoza Engineering Projects for their donation of R100 000.00
Thanks to Newcor Trading for their donation of 1000 Blocks
Thank you to Rob Hoatson for his donation of a storage container & water pump
Thanks to Patterson B&B for the accommodation for the volunteers (thanks Gert you´re a star)
Thanks to Adele from Ithemba security for the security guard this weekend

Phase 1 Completed

Hope in Christ completed phase 1 of the building project(picture attached).

Thanks to Air Products for their donation of R5 000.00