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Both Houses Block Work Completed

We enter the New Year with both houses block work completed and roofs up. Thank you Helping Hands Friends for your monthly contributions, we were successfully able to supply all our school needs (clothing and stationary).

Our first Christmas function

Our first Christmas function Hosted and planned by the Newcastle Lions club. Thank you Spur for the delicious supper & Thank you Lions club members for the gifts and treats. And a big thank you to Marie & Andre Kotze for the beautiful function. Our children were also treated for their First 3D movie we want to Thank you Victoria cinema for making this happen. and for the Christmas gifts and the movie treats. A delicious chip roll was also sponsored by “Jimmys killer Fish & chips” for lunch. Thank you Triathlon cycles and Craig Petersen for the donation of bikes. Thank you to Hellen for the donation of groceries and The Tyre People for collecting and delivering our food parcels, donated by the ECR toy story.

We Hosted Why Not Africa

Once again we hosted Why Not Africa for yet another successful project where we erected the trusses for house 2 & 3. The children of Hope in Christ were treated to a surprise weekend away to the beach. Thank you VLAM Newcastle for the use of your vehicle and Roots butchery and our members for the braai packs.

Our First of many Movie Nights

We had our first of many movie nights at HIC, thank you to Sean Malherbe for the projector screen. Hope in Christ received a visit from the DJ’s from Gagasi FM radio station whom donated 10 single beds for the new houses. Bridge Church held a lunch box Sunday and we were able to provide school lunches for 13 children for two months.

House 2 Block Work Completed

We have finally completed block work for house 2 and start the block work for house 3.

Welcomed 2 Volunteer Groups

In August we welcomed 2 volunteer groups to HIC for much fun laughter and ” physical work”. Thank you to the Deo Victoria church group and St Doms learners for taking the time to visit.

Our projects for the day were as followed: vegetable garden, Moving Stone, Home décor, cup cake decorating & fun with the kids.

Nothing beats all the fun the children had from a game of rounder’s’, musical chairs, Pictionary, dance of (boys vs girls), balloon popping and other activities. Each child was also blessed with their very own Bible.

Preparing to Build Again

July is an exciting month for us as we prepare to start building again. We have once again been blessed by a very generous donation of 4800 blocks from Newcor Trading and 10 ton building sand from Blocon. We also received a cash donation from Newcastle Rotary club and Why Not Africa to kick start the building of house 2 and house 3. Thank you Andrew Pienaar for making a beautiful tree bench for the children.

Built our very own ``Donkey``

With all of today’s technology we cannot supply enough hot water from a 200 litre geyser giving all our children hot water at shower time. HIC has therefore built their very own “Donkey” to supply the much needed hot water to Shepherd house for shower time. Now not only will be bring down our Eskom account, but everyone can now enjoy a HOT shower

Reached our Full Capacity

Within 1 month of receiving our first child we have reached our full capacity for Shepherd house. We are currently busy planning to get house 2 & house 3 built as we have already turned 13 children away this month.

We Welcomed our First Three Children

On the 22nd of April 2015 we welcomed our first three children to the HIC centre